2020 Preliminaries problems

Preliminary Round 2020

The preliminary round 2020 takes place from the 16/01 to the 01/03.

The problem set is available at this link: AIPO Preliminary Round 2020

The final will take place in Western Gateway Building (WGB) of University College Cork which is locate on Western Road http://aipo.ucc.ie/Contact.html. There will be a registration desk open between 10:30 am and 11 am. We recommend that you are in the WGB by 10:30 am so that you will have time to test the programming environment. At 11 am we will start the completion which will last for 5 hours. We plan the award ceremony by 4:30 pm hoping to finish the day by 5 pm.
There will be parking spaces available in the WGB parking if you travel by car.